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Facial Preparation
  • Please come to your appointment without makeup on

facial Aftercare

For 24 hours following your facial:

  • Avoid touching your face to avoid clogging your pores

  • Avoid using makeup, perfumed products or self tan

  • Avoid heat treatments such as sauna or steam room

  • Try to avoid washing your face or showering for 12 hours to give products maximum time to treat your skin

  •  Do not apply any other exfoliating skincare products for 72 hours after having a facial

  • Drink plenty of water to flush away any toxins following massage.

  • Immediately after your facial you may experience experience some mild redness. Following your facial your body may continue to detoxify which may cause some outbreaks or pimples.

  • Should you experience and irritation apply a cold compress and seek advise from a medical profession.

Skincare tips

  • Ensure make up is completely removed before going to bed using suitable products. This will ensure that your skin is cleaned properly and will also prevent any irritation which may be caused if the make-up is left on.

  • Use a SPF daily. Sunlight is the main cause of premature aging

  • Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the main environmental factors in premature skin ageing by breaking down and preventing the production of new collagen. Smoking also causes the tiny blood vessels in the skin to constrict, reducing the supply of oxygen to the skin.

  • Cut down your alcohol consumption. When you drink alcohol, your body and skin can become dehydrated, leaving the skin looking older and tired.

  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water (6 - 8 glasses a day)

  • Follow a daily skincare routine as advised by your therapist. This should entail cleansing, toning and moisturising.  An exfoliater and mask is also recommended weekly

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